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Samsung Galaxy S4 rumored specs, release date and news

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumored specs
Samsung Galaxy S4 rumor Model

You all might be excited to reveal the upcoming Smartphone from Samsung. Yeah! I am talking about Samsung Galaxy S4. As per the latest rumors from different tech brands states that Samsung is planning to launch Samsung Galaxy S4 in first quarter of 2013.

Recently a video has been released which shows it core features and one of the interesting things which is to be noticed is that Samsung Galaxy S4 supports S-Pen (which is famous from Note 2) and also what we see is that it is also features Laser Keyboard technology. This is something new which we hadn't seen before.

Rumor Specifications (Specs) of Samsung Galaxy S4:

1080p Hyper AMOLED screen (Full HD)
2GHz quad-core Exynos
Operating System
Android Jelly Bean 4.2 or Key Lime Pie (Guess)
Screen Panel
Capacitive Touchscreen
Screen Size (diagonally)
5.0 inches
Screen Protection
Corning Gorilla Glass 3
2 GB
Rear Camera
13 Megapixel
Front Camera
2 Megapixel
Model No.

Samsung Galaxy S4 might comes with 5 inch screen

Let's check out some new rumored exciting features of Samsung Galaxy S4:


S-Pen Stylus- Samsung Galaxy S4 can come with the S-Pen Stylus technology which you might be aware as it was firstly introduced in Galaxy Note 2. 

Laser Keyboard- This is also one of the leaked news or as we are seeing its latest rumor video is that Samsung Galaxy S4 is offering this laser keyboard technology. Now if it happens true then it would be great for all Smartphone and Samsung fans. This is something new for user. But let's hope that Rumor comes true.

Samsung Galaxy S4 might feature S-Pen and laser keyboard

Flexible or Unbreakable Screen- Now this is something I do not believe. As it is rumored news so it may happen. One of the media report claims that Samsung is planning to make Galaxy S4 screen unbreakable and flexible. Company will take advantage of its bendable screen technology. 

Price: No official statement is given on this section. But naturally, it will be high.

Overall: Well I do not have to mention or say about this Hi-tech Smartphone. It will surely rock the world with its new innovations and will make the life harder for Apple and other Mobile Companies. 

Samsung Galaxy S4

We are eager for this device and will hope that it will release soon in first quarter of 2013.

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  2. The Price is known allready! It will be around €650 Euro in Europe. read:

    1. You are right, but i had written this article when no confirmation of price tag is made.

    2. Price at amazon for 16Gb is at 649 € for Germany. More Information you can find on or for technical reviews read at

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