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Nexus 4 Slimport HDMI Adapter Review

Nexus 4 Slimport HDMI Adapter
Google Nexus 4 and LG Optimus G Pro are the devices to be capable of transmitting data from its microUSB port out to HDMI. With the invention of the Slimport HDMI Adapter, the user will now get more ease and flexibility between HDMI and microUSB connection. 

The Slimport HDMI adapter connects the microUSB port of the Nexus 4 or LG Optimus G Pro to an HDMI cable to stream your video on to the HDTV or projector at full 1080p. The Nexus 4 is first phone to support Slimport HDMI, which allows output of audio, video and 3D over a Micro USB port to HDMI.

The Slimport HDMI adapter have a microUSB port which allows users to charge their Nexus 4 while streaming video through it. What it does is that, it would not discharge your phone battery during any video or audio playback.

How to Operate or Use Nexus 4 Slimport HDMI Adapter -

The process is just simple, you need to plug the adapter into the Nexus 4 and then attach the HDMI to the adapter, the device screen will be redirected to the HDTV or projector. Now your Nexus 4 is linked with HDTV, so you can do stuff like play mobile games, stream high quality video, play mp3 etc. One of the interesting fact about Nexus 4 can be compatible to most of the displays. So you can carry it to bedroom, airport and hotels with ease.
Slimport HDMI Adapter

The image quality is excellent without any lagging or disturbance while streaming a video or playing game on the bigger screen. There is also no audio compatibility issue while using it with HDMI, you don't need any extra wire or cable. The Slimport also supports 3D content, but it all depends whether your TV is 3D ready or not.

HDMI Adapter

Last but not least, The Nexus phone supports HD content i.e.1280 x 768 but if your TV supports Full HD display i.e. display 1080P then adapter automatically scaled Nexus HD display to 1080P without any disturbance in your video quality. You can charge your Nexus 4 with this adapter also, so there is no need of other power supply to charge device. 

Price:- $30

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