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Wii U- New Generation Gaming Console by Nintendo

Hi-tech Gaming Console by Nintendo

As you all know the popularity and competition between Consoles are increasing at a rapid pace. Today we are here to discuss about the new generation gaming console i.e. Wii U manufactured by Nintendo. Nintendo Co. ltd is a Japanese multinational company situated in Kyoto, Japan. If we are talking about its revenue then, it is world's largest video game company. Wii U has been recently unboxed and will release on Sunday, 18-Nov-12 in North America. It is successor to its previous gaming console Wii. As you all are aware that Nintendo is the business leader in console market, having more than 96 million units as compared to Microsoft’s and Sony's sales of 68 million Xbox 360s and 66 million PlayStation 3 consoles respectively. 

What this Console offers-      

6.2 inch
Traditional console buttons as Power, Home, +Control Pad, A/B/X/Y buttons, L/R buttons and ZL/ZR buttons.
Other Features
-Built in accelerometer and gyroscope
With all these combinations it provides new dimension to gaming-console and eases user interface. Now there is no need for player to look on-to TV, as it removes those traditional barriers between player, games and Television.
-Backward up-gradation is possible i.e. user can keep the old Wii arrangement
-Front Camera for Gaming as well as for Video Chat
-Stereo speakers
-Sensor strip

Deatiled pic of Wii U

Features of Wii U-


Wii U TV interface

It offers many new and interesting features not only from gaming prospective but also from non-gaming prospective. Some exciting features like-

Television Remote
Its gamepad as a controller can also be used as a remote via infrared technology.
Video Entertainment
It will support mobile entertainment apps such as AOL, YouTube and Amazon Instant Video etc.
It is just like Facebook, you will be able to connect socially with your favorite shows and programs. You can also record them and watch them later.
It allows you to connect your gaming experience socially. You can share or chat yours experience to other and vice-versa, discuss posts and game content, challenge other and lot of online stuff.
Video Chat and Internet Browsing
With the help of In Built Camera, you can video chat with people/friends who also have a Wii U. You can surf the web freely with Wii U screen panel. You can also watch TV, do online streaming and other internet stuff.
Nintendo eShop
It is an online game store where you can purchase and see the reviews of new and popular games. It is kind Wii Game Market.
Near Field Communication (NFC)
You can swing certain objects above the Wii U, and it can connect to them wirelessly. This brings gaming to different level and will enhance your gaming experience.
UI interface of Wii U

Games offered by Wii U-

Some exciting games which are coming:
1) Super Mario Bro's Mii
2) ZombiU
3) Batman: Arkham City (Armored Edition)
4) Pikmin 3
5) Tekken Tag Tournament 2
6) Assassin's Creed III

There are numerous exciting new and old games coming for Wii U. Already lot of them had announced at E3 2012 and other will be announced later on. 

 mario game pic

Some additional Information about this Gaming Console-

There are two versions available of this hi-tech gaming console:

1)    Basic or you can say cheap version

- Having Cost $299.99 and only available in White color.
- Console and Gamepad AC Adapter with HDMI Cable
- Wii U Gamepad, Stylus, Console with 8 GB internal memory.

2)    Deluxe or you can say expensive version

- Having Cost $349.99 and only available in Black color.
- Contains 32 GB internal memory with same accessories as mentioned in Basic version.
- Nintendo Land video game, Deluxe Digital Promotion, Wii U Gamepad and Console Stand, Sensor Bar etc.

Wii U back side model pic

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