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Assassins Creed III Game Review


Assassins Creed III is open world, action adventure and historical based video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It is the fifth installment and third numbered title in the creed series.

The main portion is set before, after and during American Revolution from 1753 to 1783, featuring Ratonhnhak√©: ton also known as “Connor” is a half English and Mohawk protagonist. With the past history the game is also set with the present time where we play as Desmond miles must adventure to prevent 2012 revelation or apocalypse. The Game feature realistic graphics due to the new Engine “ANVIL NEXT”.

Storyline and Gameplay:

In first Sequence, the game starts with Desmond Miles and his crew. They find a place using apple of Eden and sets up their system. The place has a gate locked which has all the answers kept and it will be opened at the ending of game.
Haytham Kenway & Charles Lee

Desmond suddenly falls and the game begins with our first character of American Revolution as Haytham Kenway, where he goes in a show and found the person and kills him. He discovers the locket which is actually a key for the secret gate. The game continues with him and he is sent to Boston. Their he met with Charles lee and to other members. Finally the real journey started and the new innovation in gameplay as Eavesdrop (secretly listening to the private conversation of others without their consent) has been introduced. In a mission of rescuing captured people from the British troops, he met with a lady and helped him protecting her people from British troops. The Gameplay in this installment was seen bit smoother than the other installments. Graphics are very realistic and also the forest environment is real due to the new Engine “Anvil next”.

Assasins Creed 3 Enviornment
Then suddenly story is taken few years ahead, here comes our second and last character named Ratonhnhak√©: ton also known as “Connor” and he is son of Haytham Kenway. He is shown in childhood in his village asks her mother to go and play with his friends, he is allowed and goes out from village in forest and plays hide n seek. Suddenly after sometime Charles lee came there to say the village people to clear the village as they are going to destroy it. Connor is captured by Charles lee and suddenly they burn the whole village down. Then Connor runs towards his mother but she is blocked in fired house. 

Then he is taken away by his village men and story moves ahead and now he is grown up. As seen with his friends, now he learns ability to hunt, trees climbing and many more. This climbing gameplay add more stars to the success of this game. Afterwards, he is asked to meet up from old man in outside area of village. He was also told that the old man will help him in learning skills. The old man firstly refuses to teach him but after sometime he helps him and tells him about his father, Charles Lee and their supporters whom he has to kill them. 

Now the story moves forward, there he meets with a man who is a sailor and ship builder. The ship builder told Connor to bring material for ship. Connor brings the desired material and sails with ship crew. From here onwards the first naval missions of game start where Connor learn ship battle and handling. This new naval mission addition is the cause of game success. 

Naval Combat Gameplay

Now story moves further more, we play with Desmond Miles in present day to find power source. Now game again came back to past where Connor found in new City as “New york”. The war has begins and Connor kills his father’s supporters. We also play as troop controller and use gun cannoning in game to attack on enemies. In next sequence, he meets his father where story moves with more interesting quests, missions and ship battles. The Story continues and at last he kills Charles lee and his Father. 

Now Game again returns back to Desmond and here he reveals the secret inside the room which contains a round shape globe of world, there he meets with two goddesses. One of them tells if he touches the globe then the world will be safe and other one says if he touches the globe then the world will be destroyed and he will also die. At last he touches the globe and dies. 

Lastly, the apocalypse comes and video of world destroyed is shown. The story ends here leaving clew of a new lady protagonist for upcoming installment.

Finally, the long Running Series needs a refresh and this game is succeeded in doing so. Sure the glitches and long running missions stops it from achieving greatness but once If you stick with the story you will really enjoy the best gaming moments of this year.

My Score:-

Graphics: 9/10
Sounds: 10/10
Environments: 10/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

Hope you like this review of Assassins Creed 3 and stay tuned for more info from the world of gaming and technology.

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