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Sony MDR-1R Headphones Review

Sony MDR-1R headphones

We are reviewing here a new gadget especially for Music Lovers. Yes, I am talking about the Sony new headphone MDR-1R. This new headphone is made with a great engineering technology with premium design, great comfort, long life durability and the great sound quality with Bluetooth pairing which cuts out the need of pesky wires and also supports NFC Technology for hooking up with compatible Sony products. 


These headphones have a premium design with attractive color. The headphones are made to set head to head with the likes of the Philips Fidelio L1, Urbanears Zinken and the Beats by Dr. Dre Pro Beats, so it's important that they look good. The built-in microphone allows us to take calls easily through it all. And it is designed to swivel at any angel.

Sony MDR-1 Headphones: Big Sound, Premium Design, Sleek Looks


These are extremely comfortable headphones. They are probably be the best designed headphone in its range (approx. $300) providing you the best comfort. They are built as to cover your pinna properly and to suit you comfortably.

As you can see in the pictures, that despite a thick frame ear pad, it’s actual having a thinner ear pad frame. The logic behind this is to allow the inner portion of the ear pad to be the softest part of the ear pad to suit and to cover your ear comfortably. These ear pads wrap around your ears for a comfortable seal and also provide powerful bass and beats. The headphones are comfortable to seal your ears and can be easily hanged around the neck.

Sound Quality:

Sony has used the best engineering technology in it. The sound quality of the headphones is awesome with powerful bass performance. The frequency response is also good (ranging 4 - 80,000 Hz). Overall its quality and performance is awesome with some slight noise leakage. It has got best quality in premium headphones range.

Wireless Connectivity


8.47 oz. (240g)
Black, Silver
Device Supports
Smartphones, Mp3& Mp4 players, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, iPod and many more.
Key Features
Detachable Headphone Cable, Carrying Case or Pouch Included Swivel Ear cups, High-Power Input
Additional Features
Bluetooth Support and also NFC Technology Support

Available Color
Price Range: Approx. $300

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