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Review: Acer Iconia W510 Windows 8 Tablet

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Acer iconia W510 Windows 8 Tablet
Acer has recently introduced new Tablet PC in market. Yeah! I am talking about Acer Iconia W510. Now days there are lot of detachable-screen hybrid versions of gadgets are coming in market like HP Envy X2 and Lenovo helix. But this one looks more interesting and stylish. It's really one of the best Windows 8 hybrid version devices which I had experienced.

Let's dig into this Acer Iconia W510 more:-



It offers 10.1-inch display which is smaller than other brands tablet. Due to its compactness in screen it is easily managed by user. When you plug or insert it into its dock, it becomes small laptop. Now what is really exciting is that the small laptop consists of keyboard, trackpad, USB port and long battery span.
But due to having these compactness and Hybrid windows 8 model, it has some drawbacks which I will discuss later. 

While talking about its apparel, the device is sweet, dingy, cheap, excellent battery backup, easy to monitor and handle. 

Hardware, Design and Overall Layout:- 

It has Solid Touchscreen display and keyboard dock. When tablet is connected with dock, the device becomes a little bit of bulky.  The tablet slides right into the dock’s brace, and automatically stick with it. To remove it, just slide a latch on the face of the brace, and rise the tablet up. 

Acer iconia W510 detachable tablet

Acer has Windows 8 button on one of its bezel. The button is capacitive and has some gliding glitches which make it a bit of crappy at time of use. Sometime key responses also do not work well.  

The synchronization between windows 8 and iOS & Android also won't works well. As a tablet, it has got less power because it is unable to play even some basic small games like Jetpack Joyride at continuously smooth frame rates. The processor is weak and does not have appropriate memory as traditional laptops have.

The worst part of it all is it's dock's trackpad. The flaws it contains as that there is no two-finger scrolling. Also a scroll bar on edges is missing. To scroll any document, you have to use keyboard’s arrow keys. The trackpad itself isn't attractive and responsive. It is small in size which creates some handling issues and it's sometime unresponsive. 

Also its keyboard section is not good at all. The keys are restricted. The gaps are also not appropriate as it should have. Sometimes keys are stuck also at time of working. So, bad responsive issue is also in it.

Last but not least, the processing speed of Acer Iconia W510 is very disappointing. Whenever you open some two or three different documents, the system gets hangs. This is irritating at time of important work.
RAM is also not sufficient by seeing the modern generation's technology which uses lot amount of memory to run. 

Acer iconia W510 10.1-inch Tablet

Glance to its overall Specs:-


MSI GT70 Specifications
Display Resolution
1366 X 768 pixel resolution
Screen Size
10.1-inch IPS, LED Backlit
Intel Atom Z2670
CPU Clock Cycle
1500 MHz
Intel GMA 3650
2 GB
Operating System
Windows 8
Front:2 mpx whereas Rear:8 mpx
Tablet: USB port, HDMI and SD, headset whereas for Keyboard: USB port
24 WH
WiFi, Bluetooth, Stereo Speakers, NFC, Rotate lock, Inbuilt MIC etc.
576 gm (tablet) , 694 gm (with dock) whereas 116 gm power supply

Acer iconia W510 Tab

Price: - $750 for the 64 GB version with Dock whereas $500 for a 32 GB tablet alone.

OVERALL: - The Tablet is cheap but lacks some basic responsive issue. Acer focuses this one to create PC-tablet which offers cheap price and stylish looks but somehow they forgot to add processing capability to it. Also apparel has lot of flaws either responsive point of view or design point of view.

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