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Review: Acer Aspire ME600-UR368 Specs

Acer Aspire ME600-UR368

If you are fan of desktop computing then this treat is for you. Acer has recently launched Acer Aspire ME600 desktop computer. Acer Aspire ME600 has got two segments one is Acer Aspire ME600-UR368 and other one is Acer Aspire ME600-UR378. But we will review about only UR-368 version. 

Desktop computers have some advantages over laptop or notebook that they are upgradable for future prospective, can be assembled according to your need, more hard drive capacity and last but not least they are far much cheaper than laptop that to off the have better speed and performance also.

Lets dig into this Acer Aspire ME600-UR368 more :

Hardware & Design - The device is not look something new but it has got some unique design patterns which makes it good looking. It's typical mini tower chassis with bays at its front face, easy ports at top surface and back is also well designed.
The cabinet has 4 USB ports on top comprising of two-two slots of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 each. The machine also has audio jack and an SD card slot at its top. 

On front face, there is space for two optical drives. Below this the device has two slots of swappable hard drive bay. Now, what this innovative swappable hard drive offers is that it allows you to change out hard drives without opening up the computer but for this you need to switch off your system power. 

Talking about its Back part, Aspire ME600-UR368 have PS/2 ports for a mouse or keyboard, 6 USB ports, two of which are USB 3.0, HDMI, VGA, ethernet, and the traditional audio ports. The device lacks a DVI connection. 
Acer Aspire ME600-UR368

ME600 offers USB wired keyboard and mouse which is not something we are accepting at this modern era. The design and overall layout of keyboard and mouse is good.
The Processor of machine is Intel Core i5 3330 quad-core processor having 3.0GHz clock cycle with 8 GB RAM. The ME600 comes with Intel HD 2500 graphics as they have not mentioned it as gaming device. Although, there is also one free space for external graphic card for future upgradation. The storage capacity of ME600 is 1 TB which is more than sufficient for storing movies, music, games, apps etc.

Software - This desktop computer runs Microsoft Windows 8. There is only two trademarks Acer's apps i.e. Acer Explorer and Acer Cloud. Although there is some pre-installed software bits like WildTangent Games, newsXpresso, Evernote etc. Two choice of Antivirus have been presented by Acer , one is of Norton and other is of McAfee.
Overall the software part of device looks fairly decent having lot of apps to choose. 

Acer Aspire ME600

At Glance: Acer Aspire ME600-UR368 Specs -

3rd Gen Intel i5-3330 clocked at 3 GHz frequency cycle.
8 GB / 16 GB (1333Mhz DDR3)
Windows 8 64-bit Edition
Intel HD Graphics 2500 (Integrated)
Monitor Type
Threads and Cores
American Megatrends Inc. P11-A1


It’s a machine for casual, everyday users who just want little more from what they have recently got. Lack of DVI port might make it unnoticeable from tech users. 

Price :  Around $500.

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  1. Specs Acer Aspire ME600-UR368 is goo, thank you for article.
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    1. Yeah! this machine is made for just casual users. But still not bad one.