Friday, 29 March 2013

Review: iKit NuCharge Battery Case Cover For iPhone 5

iKit is London brand meant for Iphone users. They are the manufacturer for Apple products. Recently they have revealed NuCharge Battery Cover For iPhone 5. It is the first replaceable battery pack protective case. Kickstarter campaign has raise funds on it and interested people can register their name. 

About iKit NuCharge Battery Cover meant for iPhone 5 -

The device uses a detachable battery which is adjoined with special case. The case is meant to be attached on your phone permanently. The battery is charged through USB. Now you can operate the USB charging either through pc or to standard iPhone charger. A blue light indicates that your iPhone is charging. 

With NuCharge is that it allows you to either charge your iPhone as you normally would do or you can use its own battery, if you want to save yours Iphone one. But what is innovating is that, you can also charge both NuCharge case and Iphone battery simultaneously.  

Inside the box, you' will discover a micro USB to standard USB cable, snap case, fashion case attachment and battery attachment.

Talking about its design, The NuCharge is well crafted and easy to use with iPhone. The snap case attaches to your iPhone 5 shielding it from the back and sides. The display is at the left side of the case where you will get the notification about its charging state. Its back section contains few slots like the iPhone 4/4S back have. 

The 1900 mAh battery is extremely slim and slides directly into place. And after completion of charging you can put fashion case on back of iPhone to provide shieldness and looks.

The battery pack operates well but if your iPhone is fully dead then its charging failure arises. What I want to say that you cannot charge your fully dead iPhone with this. So use it in between 10%-20% of battery level for charging the iPhone. Also it does not charges to full level. It's maximum capacity o charge the fully drained Iphone is up to 90%.

One of the good looking thing about this device is it's Lightening connector. It is actually installed at the bottom of the battery pack with flexible cord. When you are not using it, then you can hide it into the flush. While at the time of using, pull it up and attach with iPhone port. Its length is perfect enough to be easily adjusted with iPhone.

Price and Release Date:- Depends on your Kickstarter donation, This case starts at a $59 price point if you have become the part of Kickstarter donation. It will ship in early April.

Overall :-
With so much little amount and such premium quality, you will not want to miss this, Right. Great deal!

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