Friday, 17 May 2013

Razer Atrox Arcade FightStick for Xbox 360 - Review

Razer is planning to launch Xbox 360 arcade stick in its gaming accessories library. This time they come up with Razer Atrox Arcade Fightstick for Xbox 360 users. Razer has introduced it beta testing version and development is at final stage and ready to set for live market in upcoming days. The step is made for fighting gamers who loves arcade fighting games like mortal combat, Tekken, King 13 etc. Last year they revealed the news that they are planning to design a fightstick made focusly for the professional fighting gamers and the fighting game hub.  

More on Razer Atrox Arcade for Xbox 360 User

This Xbox 360 peripheral has lot of space for the customization. The Atrox Arcade Stick is built with "modding enthusiasts". Razer has built the body of its in considering the gamers point of view that’s why the device is easily accessible and opens with the hit of a single button. Users can also customize the button and joystick layout according to their ease and not only this; gamers can changeover the top panel with different designs.

The Atrox includes:

  • 10 highly responsive Sanwa buttons  
  • One Precision
  • 8-way joystick
  • 2.5 mm audio jack for Xbox 360

Razer also claimed that these above specs will allow gamers to react quickly and responsively with ease.

Inside the Atrox Arcade Stick, you can store removable cable and a screwdriver for modding. The joystick also comes with a ball top and an additional bat-shaped top. The cable is 13 feet long and can be removed for convenience. The hardware components of devices are of Sanwa Denshi which ensures better longevity. 

Release Date: Available for Pre-order on May 21. In Japan, the device is set to launch this month whereas talking about global market, the device will be live on next month i.e. June. 

Price: Affordable i.e. $199 only.

Overall: This new flagship form Razer for fighting gamers looks unique and effective. Although the actual marks will be given after its live testing but still on seeing its specs and design, it looks responsive and can get good response for gamers.

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