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Medal of Honor (MOH) Warfighter: Game Review

Pic of MOH video game branding

Medal of Honor Warfighter is direct sequel to its previous series known as Medal of Honor (2010). This video game is developed by Danger close games and published by EA. Actually, it 14th installment in series. Game runs on Frostbite 2. This engine is also previously used by famous game known as Battlefield 3. 

Game Review:

There are basically three things which I will discuss with you of this video game

Firstly, about its STORY -
Game really lacks in this section. The story is basically revolves around warfighter named as Preacher. This guy is estranged from his family and had been too long away from his home fighting on with enemies and enemies. He travels to different locations with his troops like Somalia, Pakistan, and Croatia etc. Basically, story revolves around him and his family.  There is incident which is like a drama scene where at the railway station he saw bomber in the train in which his family is also going and then bomber blasted the train. Preacher comes in trauma and found himself at hospital with his family who had missed the train. The summary of Warfighter’s story revolves around the dissolution and remaking of a soldier’s family, but the characters and in-game events compromises sorrow and pity-ness. So basically story is all together unconvincing and unmoving and lacks real intensity in it. Its campaign is confusing. My score to its story is 6.0. 

Secondly, it’s GAMEPLAY –
This section is pretty better than its story one. One things strikes me of this video game is its driving section which are well crafted and presented than it’s shooting section.  The basic shooting and movement schemes are well oriented. The guns are also remarkable and you will be always busy in killing, sprinting and taking cover. The shooting is occasionally put to good use specially at ranging storm, heavy winds and palm trees weaving sections. Team co-ordination is not well balanced in its single player campaign. There are scenes where you use sniper, ram boats, use target machines. Its vehicular stealth sequence is elegant and imaginative.

Snapshot of latest video game installment of MOH
A few new formulae introduced in multiplayer which looks interesting and different from other shooting genres but this does not make it stand out above them. Its multiplayer campaign is good by introducing different classes of soldiers. Their abilities are unique but lacks in customization department. Most notable and remarkable element is actually the game’s fire team concept. My score to overall gameplay is 7.0.

Thirdly, and lastly it’s PRESENTATION –
This section is the best from above all due to its engine named as DICE’s Frostbite 2. This engine is definitely impressive and contains some powerful implementation of coding. There’s no question that Warfighter looks better than it plays. There are some animation glitches, distracting screen grime notwithstanding and occasional visual glitches but this does not let this section or video game down to its knees. In fact there are some levels of on rail boats shootout which looks visually impressive. Also, its driving section is pretty creative and gorgeous which seem realistic at times. Although its menu section is bad oriented and seems confusing. My score is 8.0.
So this military campaign failed to impress the gamers but still can be worthy playing due to its graphics section whose credit must goes to DICE. This is another middle military shooter.

in-line boat pic of new video game named as MOH warfighter


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